Contact Lens Cheat

Contact Lens Cheat

Many of our patients wear contact lenses to eliminate or reduce the number of glasses they need to wear. For some, this can be life-changing. For others, the transition to contact lenses can be frustrating. To help make the process easier for all involved, we developed a “contact lens cheat sheet,” outlining key characteristics and patient selection and fitting pearls for several contact lens modalities.

This guide can be useful for all types of patients who are interested in minimizing their dependence on glasses, especially those who are new to contact lens wearers or those who struggle with wearing contacts due to dry eyes or other concerns. The contact lens cheat sheet is available to download below.

A contact lens is a plastic, semi-curved transparent or opaque device placed directly on the surface of the eye. They are used to correct the refractive error of the eye and improve vision, and can be worn daily, monthly or as prescribed by your doctor.

Our IR marked cards contact lens are high-quality invisible ink contact lenses for playing cards, they can see clear invisible ink marks on the back of the poker card and suitable for any eye color. These IR contact lenses are very safe and can be used with any poker marked decks.

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