How to See Through Playing Cards

It is not necessary to memorize images or words to be able to read playing cards. It’s all about suits. The suits and symbols of playing cards are used to represent different aspects of our lives. Clubs and relationships are represented by clubs, and diamonds are the rarest gems. You can read a deck of playing cards using this method, and once you know how to do it, people will be in awe of your abilities.

A major enemy of your playing cards is dirt, grime, and oils on your hands. Wash your hands before handling a deck of cards, just like mom used to tell you, and you will see better results in how cleanly and neatly you can handle a pack of playing cards.

Another way to protect your cards is by using a card clip, which is a utility item that fits around the tuck box and helps keep the cards from sliding out and giving away your trick. Many people also claim that they help prolong the life span of a deck, but opinions on this vary greatly.

Finally, you can protect your cards by wearing poker sunglasses that can see through cards. These look just like regular sunglasses, so no one will suspect that you are cheating with them.