Marked Cards Invisible Contact Lenses Technology

Marked Cards Invisible Contact Lenses Technology

For as long as casinos and other gambling establishments exist, so too will people be trying to cheat them. A recent story out of the French Riviera has all the makings of a Hollywood film: marked playing cards, infrared contact lenses and shady casino employees.

A 56-year-old man, codenamed Parmesan, allegedly used treated contact lenses to read the invisible marks on his competitors’ cards, allowing him to get the upper hand in poker games and rack up 70,000 euros in winnings in a single day. The gambler, who has been arrested along with two casino employees, hatched the plan with help from the two workers in 2011.

Luminous invisible ink contacts lenses are special contact lenses that can be used to read markings on playing cards. These lenses combine the latest perspective technology and are suitable for all eye colors. The lenses are thin and comfortable to wear, and they won’t alter the color of your eyes.

These lenses work by reflecting infrared light off the marks on a card and into your eyes. This is the same type of light that is used in a photo camera, and it’s invisible to your naked eyes but can be seen by a camera equipped with an infrared filter.

Infrared playing cards contact lenses are a great option for players looking to improve their game. These lenses are available in a variety of qualities and price points, so you can find the right one for your needs.