Marked Poker Cards Contact Lenses

marked poker cards contact lenses

The marked poker cards contact lenses are a type of special contact lenses designed to view playing cards with invisible ink marks on the back of the card. They are commonly used by magicians and gamblers to cheat in casino games such as poker, baccarat, blackjack, and other gambling games.

There are a variety of different types of marked poker cards available, and they vary in how they can be read. Some are marked with UV ink, some use infrared ink, and others have numbers and suits marked in luminous ink.

Invisible ink marking – This is a type of poker mark that cannot be seen by the human eye, but can be read by using a special camera. It is often used for cheating in casinos, as well as by people who may want to analyze a game of cards after the fact.

IR marked cards – These are marked with invisible inks that cannot be seen by the naked eye, but can be read by an IR poker camera. They are a type of poker cheat that can be found in casinos across the country, and they can make players a significant amount of money in poker games.

Barcode marked cards – These are also a type of poker cheat that can be read by an IR poker camera, but they have a unique barcode printed on them. They are used by professional cheats to get a leg up in games of chance and can be very expensive to purchase.

Perspective poker – This is a type of poker cheat that is similar to IR poker cards in that it uses invisible inks to mark the back of the cards. It can be read by using a poker analyzer or a poker scanning camera, but it is a lot more expensive than IR poker cards.

The poker cheats that use this method are called “perspective players” and can gain a huge advantage in games such as Texas hold ’em. It is often used by poker players who are not confident of their abilities to win and wish to avoid embarrassment in the casino.

They can be purchased online for a small fee, and the cost of a pair can range from a few dollars to several hundred. They are a great investment for any player who wants to get a serious edge in their games.

There are many different kinds of poker contact lenses that can be used to see the hidden backside of a marked deck of cards. They are made of high-quality materials and can be adapted to any eyes color.

Spy IR/UV Ink Contact Lenses for Poker

These poker contact lenses can be worn in different types of games and are very effective in detecting the number and suit of an opponent’s hand. The best part is that they are very easy to use and can be used by anyone, regardless of their level of skill in poker.