Top 5 Most Memorable Poker Cheating Devices in History

There are a few poker scandals that stand out from the rest. There is always a lot buzz around the latest Main Event winner, or the breaking down of massive cash game pots. But nothing gets the poker world going like a juicy controversy. The scandals are the most popular stories in poker. They generate more buzz than any other story.

The biggest scandal in the history of poker (and one of the most devastating to the online game) is April 11, 2011, better known as Black Friday. On this day, a number major online poker sites were charged with cheating players. This led to massive fines and some of the biggest names of the game lost millions.

Online poker allows cheaters to collaborate more easily than in live poker. This is because of the ability to hide behind multiple aliases and the fact that many people have multiple IP addresses on their broadband plan. This allows them to communicate with each other using instant messaging or telephone calls without having to worry about getting caught immediately. In addition, they can use multiple accounts to play in the same poker room simultaneously so that their actions aren’t as easily traceable.