What is a Poker Card Analyzer?

A poker card analyser is a device that cheats by predicting the winners of different poker games. It is a very popular tool with card players, as it can make their game more exciting. Unlike traditional poker cards, these devices have bar code marks on their edges. The analyzer can decrypt the codes and determine who won each hand. It can also give information about the opponents.

The poker analyzer works on a set of probability theories and logic to predict who is going to win each hand. The device will also show you the ranking and runner-up. It can work with any card game, including blackjack, poker, and baccarat. It will analyze each card and send the results via Bluetooth. It is available in several languages and includes a wide range of bonuses.

You will need an analyzer and a scanner to use this device. The scanner can be built in to the poker analyzer, or hidden inside other everyday objects. It can scan marked cards from 20-40cm. It can even read invisible marks on cards used to cheat at gambling. These cards are called Copag and have special barcodes along the edges.

The poker analyzer has the appearance and function of a cellphone, so it’s easy to transport. It can be used to make calls, send text messages, take photos, browse the internet and listen music. It can also transmit data from the scanner to an earpiece so you can hear the results for each hand.