Infrared Contact Lenses For Reading Marked Poker Cheat Card

?Want to cheat at poker? One of the best ways is to use infrared contact lenses and marked cards. They can help you to increase your luck and win in the game secretly and safely to the greatest extent.


  • Manufacturer: GS Golden Sunshine
  • Prescription: None
  • Applicable eye color: Any eye color
  • Application: Read the marked cards with invisible ink marks on the back

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How Infrared Contact Lenses Work?

Infrared contact lenses, also known as invisible ink marked cards contact lenses, can detect the back marks of each marked playing card. How? As we all know, there are some lights like IR or UV in the spectrum our human eyes can’t see. Take advantage of theses lights and our technicians process a wearable filter can read that IR and UV marked cards. That is how infrared contact lenses for reading marked cards work.
The principle of invisible ink marked cards and infrared contact lenses is based on the light spectrum
If you wear the infrared contact lenses, what can you see in your eyes? Firstly,  in your vision luminous ink back number and suit can be seen very clearly. Moreover, the opponents and the surrounding also can be seen clearly as much as possible. Importantly, keeping your original eyes’ color will be guaranteed even you wear these contacts. All in all,  no one can detect your contact lenses in your eyes. See, the security are shown in this aspect.
These photos are what you see on the invisible ink marked cards when you put on the infrared contacts.

High-quality & Comfortable IR Contact Lenses for Sale

Apart from the security mentioned above, the poker players also think highly of the comfort when wearing these contact lenses. One poker game can last for several hours.  We all know that if you wear these contact lenses very uncomfortably, you will be distracted in the poker games which will decrease the odd of winning in the games. Therefore, wearing good quality IR contact lenses bring no side effects would be of great essence to you. ​​
Besides, we would also send you an detailed instruction to tell you how to wear and keep the IR contact lenses. One pair of infrared contact lenses can be used as long as about one year!
Last but not least, it is about price of these contacts. It is no good for you to buy a lower quality at a cheap price, no mention to the poker games in the casino. People intend to buy the high quality infrared contact lenses at a lower price which is nearly impossible. However, do remember that you’d better to spend much more money in high quality contact lenses rather than losing in the games. One pair of good quality IR contact lenses can be used about one year, after conversion, you can buy it for a few dollars a day, which is very worthwhile.

Choose a reliable company is also first yet vital step to buy a pair of good quality contact lenses for marked cards. Take our company for example. All of our infrared contact lenses are offered at a fair price. There are three different sizes of lenses available. According to your budget and your original eyes color, our company will find the most suitable contact lenses for you.
All in all, our company has a strong ability in meeting all requirements you ask for. If you want to know more information about infrared contact lenses, please feel free contact me at your convenience.

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