Korean Gold Marked Deck of Cards in Bridge Size

Product Description:

  • Model NO.MPC00079
  • Brand: Korean GOLD Kindum
  • Marking Brand: GS
  • Function: Magic Cheat Trick
  • Certificate:CPSIA, CE-EN??
  • Delivery time: 1-3 days
  • Durability: one year in a sealed condition

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Korean Gold marked deck of cards are one of the most popular marked cards in Asia. Due to its 100 percent plastic material, these cards are many people’ s first choice when playing cards. Here in markedplayingcards online shop, there are following bulk of package that you can choose:
1. Korean Gold marked cards with a pair of infrared contact lenses or poker cheating glasses.
This is suitable for those who is the first time to play poker trick in the game. If you wear the IR contacts or UV glasses, the marks on the back of each card will shown in your eyes. Fully take advantage of what you know from the marked cards, you can calculate which is the best poker hand or what is your winning odd. That is also the reason why so many people are fond that this package. Moreover, our technicians are able to process the marking pattern as you need. Like Baccarat, the card will be place in the 8-deck dealing shoes, a special markings will be required in this situation. 
2. Korean Gold marked deck of cards with poker analyzing system to cheat.
This package is for those who want to play trick in all-round. Compared with first package, this one would help you more. Utilizing this device and marked cards in the game, to know which hand is the best, what is the fold, turn and river and other results are as easy as pie. After scanning the bar code on the four side, the poker hand analyzing will conduct a 100 percent correct result to you. You will become the one who take control over the whole game. That is no doubt that how rewarding you will be. No one can see and decode the markings unless the poker analyzing system. What a comprehensive and powerful poker cheating system is. Everyone is worth buying!
​No matter processed with back markings or side code, Korean Gold marked deck of cards in bridge size are still the same original one. Without charging its original color and shape is the embodiment of our advanced technology. 

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Reading Systems

IR Contact Lenses, Poker Analyzer, UV Sunglasses


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