Luminous Ink Copag Export Design Jumbo Index Plastic Marked Deck

The emergence of poker analyzer drives up the demand of luminous ink Copag Export marked deck.
Product Description:

  • Marking Brand: GS
  • Function: Reading Invisible Barcode Cheat Deck
  • MOQ: 10 deck
  • Material:100 percent PVC
  • Payment:?Western Union, Moneygram, T/T???

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Luminous ink Copag Export design jumbo index plastic marked deck is the card that you may never used it before. In other word, this is likely to make you miss your chance to win at poker. If you think it doesn’t not work for you, that is ok. While have you thought about someone’s victory at poker game was largely a result of their brilliantly orchestrated strategy, such as appropriate appliance of poker device and perfect poker tricks? Yeah, you may had thought about it, yet you don’t have slightest clue about their tricks. Why? Compared with the poker card magic show, is there any similarity between magic shows and poker games? The answer depends, to the greatest extent , upon the cards they used.
The users utilize the poker perspective system( poke sunglasses and infrared contact lenses), they will gain the information of each card, then calculating who will be the first and the second biggest poker hand by themselves. Is it kind of magic power ? In my word, it is the power of technology that allow us to see the invisible ink marking on the back of cards. Our human eyes can’t read all of the lights. Our technicians use IR principle, in order to keep markings only when we wear the special sunglasses and contact lenses. Would it be nice for you to use this device when you have no idea on making big blind or not. It is of great help when you play Texas Holdem and Omaha games.
For luminous ink Copag Export design jumbo index plastic marked deck, let me offer much details to you guys. They are available in bridge size and poker size with super or regular index. They have blue and red set. They are extremely durable and washable. With marked playing cards,your winning is greatly increased
All in all, Copag Export Design marked cards feature high security, strong practicality as well as perfect compatibility.

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Blue, Red


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