Modiano No.98 Invisible Ink Marked Cards for Contact Lenses

Modiano No.98 invisible ink marked cards are good tools for poker tricks. In gambling, you can see the marks on Modiano No.98 cards. So it is easy to predict who is the winner in each round.?

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Included double decks Origin Italy
Index ​4 regular pips Material 100% plastic
Size poker size Card Games ​Omaha, Texas Hold’em, Blackjack and Baccarat…

Modiano No.98 invisible ink marked cards are popular in European countries. They are not only available for poker gamble but also magic shows. Modiano No.98 marked decks in our company are all processed from original cards that are imported from the original country. And these cards are 100% plastic cards, so they are very durable.
Modiano cards are thicker than other cards. Some players think thin cards are too slight and not easy to control. For those players, Modiano will be a better choice. Modiano No.98 have single pack and double packs. And for single pack, there are poker size and bridge size. All of these models are 4 jumbo indexes. Only Modiano No.98 double packs are available in our website. Please pay attention to the size before you make a purchase.
Modiano No.98 invisible ink marked cards can be applied in many types of poker games and many occasions. They looks very common, so no players will suspect these cards when you use them in gambling. If you mix the Modiano No.98 marked cards with original cards, you can’t figure out which one is marked. Only when you open the cards, can you see the marks with invisible ink contact lenses.
Follow my steps. Let me show you how these marked cards work. The first step is to prepare Modiano No.98 marked poker deck and specialized contact lenses (or sunglasses). They are indispensable. The second step is to change normal cards into marked cards before gambling. This step is very important. If you can’t use marked cards, everything is in vain. When you change cards successfully, you need to wear contact lenses before gamble. The next step is that you/dealer need to open the card package in public. Most people won’t know that marked cards will be sealed like original one. It can reduce many people’s suspicion. The final step is very easy. You need to calculate out who holds the best hand in every round. You can make the bet in less loss when you can’t win.
A tutorial on invisible ink marked cards ends. If you want to know more detailed information, feel free to contact me via Whatsapp or E-mail.

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