Remote Control Dice Trick Cheating Device

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Brand ​GS ​Color ​optional
Origin ​Guangzhou, China Size ​30*30cm, 60*60cm
​Mode/Design ​Transparent, Solid Color ​Material ​Wood plate
​Function ​Magic Trick on The Dice Game ​Accessories ​Controller
​Game Dice Game Packing ​durable hard storage case

The most suitable dice cheat cheat device – remote control dice set consisting of 3 pieces:

​Remote control dice, control board and remote control.
Since this trick dice is used for the first time in the market, it is highly praised by many dice players. If you really want to try it, it’s better to know how it started.
The working theory of the cheating device in this casino is to remotely control the magnetic pole inside the dice in accordance with the magnetic field of the control board.
It has 4 common options for the set:

Option 1: 1 remote control, 1 control panel 30*30cm, 2 Lave gas dice (transparent, flat-sided)
Option 2: 1 remote control, 1 control card 30*30cm, 6 regular dice (white base, round corners)
Option 3: 1 remote control, 1 control panel 60*60cm, 2 Lave gas dice (transparent, flat-sided)
Option 4: 1 remote control, 1 control board 60*60cm, 6 regular dice (white base, round corners)


Not only four options for you to choose from, we will provide you with a special set of trick dice. Don’t worry, other players don’t have a chance to miss your result, even if the remote control dice and remote control in the remote we sent you are already paired before shipping. A remote control board can only be connected to one remote control, look isn’t it very safe? So make good use of your prior knowledge of the dice game, why not place a big blind on your victory?

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