2020 Fastest and Newest Leather Belt Cheating Camera

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Can you imagine what is the leather belt cards cheating scanner? This is a marked cards cheating device which uses high-technology. We have 2020 fastest and newest leather belt cheating camera for sale. What the leather belt cheating camera looks like and how to use it? Let me introduce the details of this device for you.
​As for 2020 fastest and newest leather belt cheating camera, it applies to barcode marked cards. There is a camera lens hidden in the leather belt which can scan the barcode marked playing cards. The workable scanning distance is from 30 cm to 60 cm. And the movable distance from up to down, from right to left is each 20 cm. That is to say, 2020 fastest and newest leather belt cheating camera is able to scan the moving poker deck then send it to poker analyzer system, which is one of its biggest advantages. 
​First, you turn on the switch of the IR camera in the leather belt, and it begin to work, to scan the barcode conceal on the edge of the playing deck and send it to poker analyzer system. 
Then the phone analyzer in the pocket or where will report the poker game result to you so that you can decide to continue or give up the game. You need to select what results you want to know at the beginning, such as the biggest poker hand, the second poker hand or the worst hand and so on.
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Leather Belt Camera With Barcode Marked Cards, Leather Belt With Poker Analyzer


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