iPhone X Poker Scanner Reads the Barcode Marked Deck Within 0.01s

Product Description:?

  • Mode/Design: Optional
  • Function: Reading Invisilbe Barcode Cheat Deck
  • Color: Black, Silver, Gold
  • Scanning Range: 8-15cm, 20-40cm
  • Material: Metal?

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If you are looking for ways that win in Texas Holdem easily, you should not miss the newest device iPhone X playing cards scanner.

What is iPhone X poker scanner?

It is a naked scanning lens installed inside the iPhone X, which is able to scan the invisible barcode and obtain the involved information. In order to achieve the forecasting function, the phone scanner should be operated together with a deck of barcode marked cards, a poker hand analyzer device and mini earpiece. Our iPhone X scanner is original iPhone. The phone still has full function. You can use it to make a phone call, send a message or chat online.

How to use the iPhone X poker scanner ?

First, confirm the number of players and set it at the poker analyzer. Then choose the sound mode. Remember to keep the iPhone X playing cards scanner and barcode marked cards at a proper distance about 20-40cm. The lens can focus on the barcode better at this range. When the barcode are detected and analyzed, you can get the result immediately. Only need less than 0.1s, the odds calculator will finish the whole procedure. You have already known who is the first winner and second winner while the other players just got their cards. This is a tremendous advantage that increases your odds of winning greatly.
It not only applicable to Texas Hold’em, but also suitable for Omaha 4 cards, Omaha 5 cards and many other poker games in the world. What’s more, it also can help you to read the value of all cards, report the number and suit of cards to you one by one.
As a 100% correct iPhone playing cards scanner, it can help you a lot whether poker games or magic performances.

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Black, Gold, Silver

Scanning Range

20-40Cm, 8-15Cm


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