Black Dealing Shoe with Special Marked Cards

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  • Made in Guangzhou, China
  • Mode/Design: Optional
  • Function: Reading special edge marked cards
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic

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Black dealing shoe with special marked cards is the most of comprehensive cheating device for the Baccarat card game. As you known, our 8 deck casino style Baccarat card dealers shoe can make anyone look like a pro. Our casino style dealer shoes are constructed with a heavy acrylic material with smooth edges. Baccarat dealing shoes are used to hold the cards that the dealer and players will receive. This shoe will hold up to 8 decks of either poker or bridge size playing cards. Includes a heavy black roller. 
You may be very curious about how we process the black dealing shoe into a cheating device. From the outward appearance, it is hard to tell where is the camera  because the mini camera in hidden in the dealing shoe secretly. Thanks to the scanner inside the shoe, players can indentify each card with number by watching the screen. Here we use the special marked cards which are not same as the infrared contact lenses marked cards or the marked deck of cards with barcode. They are processed with their edge. Using different pattern to standard for each number, that is so called Persian Code. To have a good command of this device, a good partner is indispensible. At least two people in a group: one is responsible for reading the screen and the other one is for receiving the message and play the games. Their communication is key to the success of the game. 
The power of this gambling device can last about 8-10 hour. It is very durable that no need to worry about it would shut down due to the lack of battery. Moreover, it also allow you to control the whole machine with a mini remote control. During the intermission, you can use it to save the power as much as possible. 
​The reason why people choose this device on the grounds that it is not very useful but also with a very preferential price. 

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