Copag Regular Index Marked Deck of Cards in Poker Tricks

Copag Regular Index marked deck of cards can help players work well in poker tricks. These cards are poker size with 2 regular indexes. Like most Copag cards, Copag Regular Index cards are also plastic cards. They are very durable.

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Color red&blue Size ​poker size regular index
Origin ​Belgium Card Game ​Texas Holdem, Omaha, Baccarat, Blackjack …
Material 100% plastic Included ​52 cards + 2 Jokers + 1 COPAG guarantee card

Copag Regular Index marked deck of cards will be a good choice of most poker players around the world. No matter what games you play, Copag Regular Index poker deck can be used in your poker games. Cartamundi is a company in Belgium. But it bought 50% of the shares in Copag which locates in Brazil, so some Copag cards will have Brazil version and Belgium version. Copag Regular Index cards are manufactured in Belgium.
They are available in red and blue. It is with standard indexed in 2 corners. If you only play jumbo index, you can try Copag Jumbo Index marked cards. They are the same except the index size. Our Copag Regular Index poker cards are imported from the origin. The quality won’t be changed even after the marking process. Before marking cards, we will mix the ink and test it again and again in order to find out the most suitable one. In this way, the marks on Copag Regular Index decks will be very natural and the color difference won’t be very obvious.
Copag Regular Index marked deck of cards can help both poker players and magicians. The invisible mark on back is the secret to make the poker game easier and the magic show more amazing. When the users wear invisible ink contact lenses or sunglasses, they can know who cards other people hold. The marks show the numbers and suits. We also provide customized service. You can contact us what kind of marks you want. Then, we will check whether those marks can work on these poker cards.
Copag Regular Index marked poker decks will make something easier. With these cards, you will invest less but win more. So if you are the new for this and want to know more details on this product, you can contact us privately. Let’s start from a Copag Regular Index marked deck! 

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