High Quality Da Vinci Invisible Marked Poker for Cards Cheating

Da Vinci marked poker is made?of 100% plastic and very suitable to mark. With the great help of marked poker cards, you can have more odds to win games.?

Product Properties:

  • Brand: Da Vinci Playing Cards
  • Made in Italy
  • Mode/Design: Ruote
  • Material: 100% Plastic
  • Marking Method: Scanning Barcode, Lenses Markings, Infrared Camera Markings

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Marking Patterns Big font in the middle, Four small fonts on the corner, Mark on the four white borders, Customized form
Size Poker (2.5″ X 3.5″) / Bridge (2.25″ x 3.5″)
Payment Western Union, Bank Transfer
Shipping FedEx, DHL, EMS, UPS

​Everybody surely has listened Da Vinci poker. We are all knowing the quality is no need to worry if you buy poker cards. Many people want to buy poker cards in order that they can use a good cards to play games and win games. But winning games is not an easy work. You need to pay more for the game, and you will return more. So let me talked about how the marked cards help you in games. The mark is the important key to the marked poker cards.

What is Da Vinci marked poker card?

​Da Vinci marked poker cards are made from Da Vinci playing cards which are designed and manufactured by Modiano which is well-known for its high quality. After years of practical research by our technicians, we have mastered the mysterious power of invisible ink. We can use special invisible ink to process playing cards in a short time. Da Vinci poker cards are made up by 100% plastic, so print invisible ink on these cards can last longer than paper cards. Da Vinci invisible ink marked cards will be a good choice for you. 

Da Vinci contact lenses marked cards

For infrared contact lenses to see the luminous invisible ink marks, Da Vinci marked poker cards have 4 ways to mark the back pattern. These marked cheating cards are called invisble ink back marked cards. 
Marking Patterns of Da Vinci Marked Cards

  • The first type is marking a big number in the middle of decks of cards. And the suits will be represented by special symbols. The number and suit are big and clear. It is very suitable for you to play poker games. You will see the mark clearly. You won’t miss the number because small number and suit.
  • In the second one, the luminous marks will be put on the four corners. The marks are smaller than the marks on the first kinds. But it is more safer because it is too obscure to be found out.
  • ​The third one is to mark on the four white borders. The luminous marks will be very small. This one is more available for dealers because the invisible marks are too small to be detected clearly from long distance away. And the dealers can observe the marked decks closely.
  • The last one is customized one. If you don’t like the first three marking ways, we can customize it for you. And the Da Vinci marked playing cards are plastic marked cards, which are very suitable for printing ink markings.

Da Vinci invisible ink marked cards for poker analyzer

For poker analyzer to work in poker cheating, we mark poker decks into the barcode marked playing cards. The bar code decks are totally different from the back ones. These barcode invisible ink decks print the bar code on the four cards edges. The players can’t use infrared contact lenses to detect the barcode. The code invisible ink poker cards need to be used together with a poker cheating camera and an analyzer. After the camera scans the code, the analyzer will figure out the possible winners. You can know the result through the earpiece within 1 second.

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Jumbo Face, Regular Face


Blue, Green, Orange, Red


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