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Long distance wall picture scanning camera, known as a wireless camera for poker analyzing system, now has been upgraded mainly on two aspects: scanning distance and scanning speed. Take a look at this industry, this is the most fastest and longest -distance camera by so far.
No1: Scanning Speed
When it comes to scanning speed, it occurred to many people that ​power bank camera. While an increasing number of casino and poker house forbid anything on the table, such as phone, power bank, wallet and other things. So to scan the cards, you have to use other things. That is the reason why more and more people like it. The older generation camera with longer distance has an obvious disadvantage: working not fast enough.
Based on this requirement, our technicians improve and adopt newest generation lenses. Also adding a wide-angle long focal length lens so that it still can read  barcode marked card decks quickly even in low light environment. The long distance wall picture scanning camera can read 20-30 cards per second on average The improvement of the camera lenses help to shorted the whole working time to the greatest extent.
NO2: Scanning Distance
Dealer would be necessary if you use the older generation camera because the dealer move the cards too fast to catch the marked cards image. While, for the long distance wall picture scanning camera, the cards would also be scanned at a wide and multi-angle scanning distance. For example, the distance between marked cards and wall picture scanning camera is about 2.3 m. Then you can move the cards about 30 cm forth and back, about 20 cm left to right.
​Why this scanning distance is important to player? Not only because the dealer is much pro and deals the cards much faster, but also it would be v strange and suspicious keep the cards at the same point for long time. Using the older generation camera requires the perfect cooperation with dealer. Now thanks to the upgraded scanning system, it is much easier for you and your partner to deal with. 

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1-2M, 2-3M, 3-4M, 4-5M


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