Marked Marion Pro Jumbo Poker for Cheat

Product Description:

  • Marking Brand: GS
  • Back: Red / Blue
  • Size: Poker (2.5″ X 3.5″)
  • Marking Pattern: 3 patterns available
  • Index (PIP size): 2 PIP available
  • Material: 1. Classic Air- Cushion Finish for ease of shuffling and?optimum performance, 2. 100 % plastic playing cards

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Marked Marion Pro Jumbo Poker for cheating is one of the best and the most popular cheating cards in the market in recent years. Not only because these cards become more and more common in the casino and house poker games, but also this kind of marked playing cards are much better than others. 

Marion Pro Jumbo poker are made of 100 percent PVC material. It is packed with a thick plastic cover, which can help the marked cards keep at very ideal situation. Normal paper cards are only with a thin and easy- broken paper box, so sometime the marked cards inside also will have been influenced if the outward package is broken. 

What to use to mark Marion playing cards?

We use the luminous invisible ink to print on the back or side of Marion Pro Deck. The markings are unnoticeable to the naked eyes. Utilize a red filter lenses like infrared contact lenses or invisible barcode scanner you will see the markings. Many individuals apply it to magic tricks, while some people use it to cheat at poker games.
Use the printed machine to mark no matter a number or a letter or an icon is the most effective technique possible for processing your cards, because it make them stay longer at the cards, and not easy to fade.

What kind of marking can Marion Poker be processed with?

First of first, contact lenses marked cards (mark on the back of the card) are the most common one that you can choose. Very clear to infrared contact lenses and poker cheating sunglasses to read, while totally invisible to our human nude eyes, this feature can’t be over emphasized. Even with hundreds of dealing and shuffle, the marked cards can be still the same as the new as you use at the first time.
Except the contact lenses marked cards, the other one would be the barcode marked cards (mark on the side of the card). With this cards, your poker analyzer will do its best. Why? If you use the poker card analyzer before, you may met this problem: the phone sometime will report the wrong result. There are two possible reason for it: the phone settings or the cards problem. Here we talk about the problem when your marked cards are of bad quality. The barcode is the key part of Marion Pro Jumbo poker, since our technicians upgrade the ink quality and perfect the marking machine. Therefore, our marked cards can be work perfect with any poker scanning systems. 
Whether it’s for magic card techniques or for fun, the Marion markded deck of cards  are flawless and will certainly get the job done. Making use of these cards, you will be able to achieve your success.

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